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roleplay ad

There are no community rules so I assumed posting an ad was ok? if not, tell me!

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is currently seeking Jonathan

We're heading for some serious action, and the plot has a general structure, but I'm especially looking for writers who are self-motivated and POST frequently. This game allows you alot of freedom and I expect writers to take that freedom. The troika isn't active yet, but it does have and active Warren and had an Andrew, and we'd love to see them get on with their villany as three.

Love of fate is an Xfiles/Buffy crossover roleplay, but no knowledge of X-files is neccesary for Buffy characters, and vice-versa. The story takes place post season five and Buffy has died, and wasn't brought back. A new slayer has arrived in town, who just so happens to also be Samantha Mulder, and has had a brief meeting with the scoobies, and the X-files agents. How this effects everyone is completely upto you.

The story is set post One Son on the X-files timeline, it's Mulder and Scully's first case back on the X-files.

If you interested in this role, post here so I know, or IM me on AIM at- SamanthaMulder13
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