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My photo shoot with the Troika

I'm just back from my photo shoot with the Troika. The shoot was scheduled for 9:30am. Danny Strong (Jonathan) and Adam Busch (Warren) arrived on time; Tom Lenk (Andrew) arrived about 10 minutes later. Stephanie Romanov (Leila from Angel) still wasn't finished with her photo shoot, so it was okay. Then at about 9:50am, someone brought food for them. They stood or sat over in the corner eating toast, sipping tea (Danny) and coffee, while the photographer did whatever between-photoshoot stuff he does.

Then Adam walks over to the waiting area holding two plastic cups with names written on them. He announces as he holds them up for us to see, "They have a plastic cup for James in case he wants water." Then he holds up the second cup, "and they have one for the Troika." Sure enough, the one plastic cup had the label Troika on it. We all laughed.

After seeing Tom Lenk (Andrew) at the Troika Q&A on Friday and talking to him briefly at his autograph line Saturday, I realized he is quite shy and needs time to warm up, so I moved back in the line once and considered doing it again, but decided against it. While waiting I decided that I would say "I think you guys are really talented and I hope you continue getting good work." I thought that would have the right amount of appreciation and well wishing without being at all stalker-y. Once I was standing in the staging area, I realized I would have to request standing near Tom as all singles were being placed between Danny and Adam. So I did (and Tom only had a slight deer in the headlights look, but he did manage a sweet smile) and as we lined up for the camera in the order I requested Adam said, "But I like standing next to Tom." And I said, "Well, yeah, but you have all day." So Adam agreed and we took the picture and I turned to say my prepared line, shook Danny's hand, then Adam's and said, "Thank you very much." ::sigh:: At least I looked them in the eyes. Then I turned to Tom and we both did the shy I'm looking at you and now I'm not head bop with smile and a barely audible "thanks" and I was done.

I'm happy. I hope the picture turns out okay, particularly as I decided to get the Vulkon mat and frame with commerative medallion. I may be the Troika's bitch, but I'm woman enough to admit it.
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